Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Sunday

This will be short today. I caught the kid's cooties. Yay. So, here is a short list of random shtuff.

1) The guy and I have never really been big into Valentine's Day. I'm not against it, I don't think it's evil, it's just never been a huge deal for us. This year we specifically said no Valentine's gifts, we'd rather save the money and put it towards our upcoming vacation. We're having Anti-Valentines! Which I found the perfect card for on Etsy, from Bipolar Betty Goods.

Shockingly enough, he was okay with this.
And he did break our Anti-Valentine pact with a box of chocolates and a small bear the kid picked out. He's nice.

2) I got to have a very quiet and relaxing evening last night when the Mr. and the boy went to spend time with his family. And he brought home fantastic sirloin steaks that I will cook tonight, nom nom nom. Seriously, these steaks are like none I've had before, sooo insanely delicious. They are marinating as we speak :)

3) In exactly 41 days this will be my new living room view for a week,

We are renting a condo on our local beach for the whole week of my husband's vacation. I could whiz my pants, I'm so flipping excited! I believe it will be the most relaxing vacation in the world. We only have to drive like 30 minutes to get there, if that. And half of the week the boy will be going to spend time with my parents, so we get to have a kid free few days. I'm really, really digging the split family/adult vacation, you have no idea. That week can not come fast enough, and then last long enough. Oh, and they have a Starbucks on site at the resort. Ummm, yeah, nuff said.

Eh, guess that wasn't that short.

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  1. Enjoy your holiday, looks like a nice place! Your anti-Valentine approach made me laugh! :)


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