Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Feature ~Quercus Silver~

I figured since I have the "Wednesday Review" of things I've actually used or own, I would do a feature day to showcase things I *hope* to own someday. We can all dream, right? Today's feature is an awesome shop named Quercus Silver.

I knew I liked this shop instantly, and when I checked out Su's profile (Su Trindle is the artist) I saw this regarding the shop name,
"By the way, I chose the name of my shop, Quercus- the Latin for oak-because I'm really tall, grounded and I just love oak trees."
I love oak trees, as well. And blue, which if you check out her shop you can see she has some lovely shades of. So apparently it's meant to be. Which means I will own many of Su's beautiful designs some day. Right? That's what that all means, right? Anyhoo.....

Su uses resin in many of her designs, and this is what she has to say about it:

"~~A little bit about Resin~~
*I use a polyester resin which is a liquid and is air cured, it's often called cold-enamelling.
*I add my own hand-mixed pigments and once set, filed and finished it is a very strong and durable material.
*I love to work with it because of its versatility.
*I wear my resin and silver jewellery everyday.
*Care: Just be aware not to use strong chemicals(eg in a chlorinated pool)and that long exposure to strong sunlight may discolour or fade it.
*If it gets too shiny, rub gently with wire wool and a mild detergent and dry thoroughly.
*If it seems too satin, rub a little of your favourite handcream over it and wipe off excess.

Here are some other great designs from Quercus Silver

Water Lily earrings- $44

Charm Bracelet- $92

Go and check out the rest of what Su has to offer at Quercus Silver!

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