Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Monday ~Weezer~

Ah, Weezer. I cannot hear a Weezer song without instantly smiling :) Just the fact that this band exists makes this a better world for me. And in my cold induced zombie like state today, they again succeded with putting a grin on my face. So please enjoy one of the greatest bands, ever.


  1. Weezer rocks! One of my favorite songs by them is actually a slower one called Only in Dreams :)

  2. ah...yes! Great band. I'm particularly fond of the old school stuff.

  3. I always forget how much Weezer I actually know.

    Interestingly, I know a lot of people who are big Weezer fans and who *hate* the new album. I'm not sure why. I have only heard the one song, but I like it ok.

  4. Yeah, I can see where people might be turned off by the newer stuff. Even though it's different than the earlier stuff, I still enjoy it. I think this last album was better all around than the one before (can't remember the name right now). But it's still all good ;)


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