Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Your crayons are jealous of my crayons ~a review!~

Unless you too own some Chasedreams crayons!
So, I was perusing Etsy a couple of weeks ago, intent on finding my little guy some new crayons. I was tired of having to pick crayon after crayon up off the floor at restaurants, because my dear child thought it was hilarious to roll them all over the place. Dork. Anyways, I knew there were a ton of cool crayons in all different shapes, colors, and sizes on Etsy and I was determined to find the perfect ones for my boy. After quite a few pages I tripped over these lovelies,

Umm, hello? Awesome much?! I'm not even that into the whole mustache thing, but really. They're crayons. And they're mustaches. I mean, the coolness factor is just apparent. So I decided to check out the other crayon greatness in Chasedreams's shop. Lo and behold, I hit the jackpot! I found these treasures,

and I knew then that these must be mine, uh, I mean, my son's. All of Chasedreams crayons are made from recycled, non-toxic crayons and are packaged in eco-friendly biodegradable bags made from plants. They also have super cute heart, rock, fortune cookie, and building block shapes. Andrea is super friendly and provides top notch customer service. And most importantly? My boy LOVES his new crayons! He actually spends a ton of time just playing with the different figures as well as coloring, so they keep him doubly entertained. And the moustaches keep the adults entertained since we all have to hold them to our lips and giggle like school children. Yeah. we're simple like that.


  1. Thanks, Erica! A neat post for neat crayons ;)

  2. Those are amazing! I could see myself using those mustache ones...and I'm 27!!!

  3. Knotted Nest, I know, right?! I think I was almost more excited about them than my boy :)

  4. oh!! those are great...I think Devon needs some:)BTW, Thanks so much for coming to visit us and for your sweet comment:)

  5. Yes, awesome much! My Frankie will love these race car crayons!!! Great find.



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