Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Review ~WeeKnit~

First off, I don't have a giveaway going this week, sorry! Since we were out of town freezing our asses off camping this past weekend I just didn't have time to get one going. But if you are a shop that would like for me to host one for you, just let me know and I can get it together :)

Now, on to the review. Before Christmas I was looking for some stocking stuffer items for my boy, and I came across WeeKnit on Etsy.

I love the name! If ever a shop name captured the essence of the shop perfectly, then this one is it. WeeKnit creates the coolest little knitted finger puppets, ever.

I chose the Pirate set and an animal set.

I actually ended up using them in an advent calendar I made, they were the perfect size and my boy loved adding each one to his collection over the month. The prices are great, especially compared to what I found in the stores for similar sets. And the details in the faces are awesome. The owner of the shop was amazingly great to work with, I love finding cool shops not only with great products but with great customer service to go along. These would also make great favors for birthday parties! So check out WeeKnit for a fun and imaginative gift for the kids in your life!


  1. Love those finger puppets!! So fun :)

  2. Oh snap. She does gabba gabba! Silas would flip. I'm tempted. You find the best etsy stuff!!!


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