Thursday, March 18, 2010

My little corner of the world

Well, one of them anyways. I've been rearranging my work room the past couple days and thought I'd snap a few pics to share. It's not grand by any means, and no where near as cool as some of the super awesome craft rooms I've seen online. But at least it's all mine, functional, and it keeps people's mitts off my stuff. Here's the corner where most of the action takes place.

Helga, my mom's dressform. She's purely for decoration at this point.

My awesome artwork that my friend Kelly got for me for x-mas. She got it on Etsy, but I'm too lazy right now to find out where. I'll update when I do :)

My sweet little terrarium I made, with moss from Teresa's Plants & More. I got the bottle from a thrift store, a huge bag of old spice bottles for like $2.

A sweet little sparrow I also got at the thrift store.

And the most important part of my work room (well, except for my own two hands!), my trusty sewing machine.

So, there you have it, where most of the magic of BleuRoo happens ;)


  1. So neat to see a little piece of your crafting world :) That tiny terrarium you made is so cute. So, I have a cheap beginner sewing machine (Kenmore from Sears). Just wondering what you use?

  2. Hey TLE! I have an Elna 2600. I got her last summer and she's been great so far. She's on the low end price wise of good sewing machines, but still more than I ever thought I'd be paying out for a sewing machine! From all I've seen they are a really good brand, and I believe they are part of the Janome family. My mom has a Janome and that's a great machine, too :)

  3. Nice! I have always wanted a dress form...for decoration too of course :)


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