Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby's first haircut

Though at almost 3 years old, he's not really much of a baby anymore.

Yes, I waited until his hair was an unruly puff of curls before I finally caved and let my mom trim his hair a little. And it really was just a little. I couldn't bear to do any more than that. She basically just trimmed off the ends of the few longest curls. I know there were probably a ton of people who saw his hair all crazy like and thought "Geez, that kid needs a haircut!". But they can bite me. I mean, he's a kid, he's not supposed to have GQ perfect hair. It's supposed to be wild and cute and free, like him. I was just not ready for that big milestone, getting rid of the beautiful hair that I waited for so long to grow. He had such short hair for so long! Then he started to get his dad's curls and I was so super excited. When I would picture what my kid would look like long before he ever existed, that hypothetical child always had beautiful curly hair. Now I'm so afraid that he will outgrow them! But his dad still has curly hair when it grows past a certain length, so maybe they will stick around.

And yeah, we totally had to bribe him with candy so he'd sit still long enough. That's my boy.


  1. How fun. Mr.C has had four, yes FOUR and he is only 14 months. Had his hair been curly I probably would have let it go, but his mullet was making me crazy. Candy and cookies = pretty good haircut.

  2. Haha, baby mullets are the best! He had the reverse, short in back, long on top. I guess some form of mohawk? The curlyhawk :)


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