Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Review ~Sample Boxes!~

When I got home from town today there was a huge box sitting on the bar with my name on it, and my heart skipped a beat. I got a silly grin on my face and a little skip in my step. For, you see, inside was one of my favorite things ever. My mega sized sample box from The Sampler Village had arrived! Oh happy day!!
For those of you who don't know what sample boxes are, they are wonderfullness all wrapped up each month and sent to your door! To be more technical, all kinds of handmade businesses send in samples of their work and then the sample box owners put them all together and sell the boxes. It's a great way to try out new handmade products without having to commit to full sizes, etc., and many of the businesses include discount codes to use in their shops so you can get some great deals on things you've already tried and know you'll love! Most of the participating businesses are bath and body shops. But there are many jewelry, tea, paper goods, and candy companies, along with others, such as myself! I sent in a really cool "Learn to Embroider" kit, along with a discount card to use in my shop.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved mystery grab bags. I could go to the dollar store and spend at least 10 minutes mulling over each one, picking the one I thought felt the heaviest or had the most interesting shapes. And half the time the contents were not as grand as just the feeling of excited anticipation. But I loved them all the same and always kept going back for more. When I discovered handmade sample boxes the little girl in me did a happy dance and I eagerly awaited my first box. The first sample box company that I discovered was The Little Black Box.

When it arrived at my front door I couldn't wait to rip it open and see all of my goodies. It didn't disappoint. I got many soap samples, quite a few pairs of earrings, and much more (it's been over a year, so forgive me, I can't remember all of the great items I received!). I was hooked. It was a while before I was able to order another box, but I eventually did and was just as excited.
A few months ago I discovered The Sampler Village.

I was even more stoked because they offer two sizes of their boxes, the regular and the mega.
Umm, I'm sorry, did you say MEGA?!?!
Yes, ma'am, yes I did.
If there is anything more awesome than a box of special goodness, it's a MEGA box of special goodness. So I just had to indulge. I ordered a regular size for my mom for her birthday and a mega size for me, cause I'm greedy. Guys, Oh. My. Gosh! This box was jam packed with so much great stuff, it's not even funny. I mean, look at this thing!

(This is a picture of this month's box, which is already sold out. But there are regular sized ones left!)
It took me literally almost an hour to go through it all. And I'm such a fanatic about my boxes that I even have a ritual when I open them. I wait until everyone else goes to bed, fix myself a nice drink and snack, turn on a crappy Lifetime movie or something equally embarrassing, and go about exploring my box uninterrupted. Ahhh, it doesn't get much better than that.

I have this amazing box sitting in my closet right now, unopened, and it's about to kill me! I'm torturing myself by not opening it now and saving it to take on vacation with me next week. Yes, I'm that dorky. Though I won't feel so dorky when I'm sipping my wine slushie (oh yeah, I said wine slushie), sitting on my condo balcony overlooking the ocean, and going through all of the great handmade goodies in my box. In fact, I think I will feel quite wonderful!

So if you are looking for a really fun gift for yourself and you love handmade stuff, especially bath and body items, please check out The Little Black Box and The Sampler Village. You just may discover a new favorite handmade shop inside:)
And they make great gifts for other people, too! My mom loved her box, so much so that when she saw my box today she got just as giddy as if I had gotten it for her. I actually had to slap her hand away from reaching in when I gave her a sneak peek. Yes, you read that right, sample boxes are so good they'll make you slap your mama!


  1. That looks adorable and sooo fun =)

    I may totally consider one for my mom and I as well =) How neat!!!

    I admire your patience, I wouldn't be able to wait, but when you do open it it will be wonderful!!

  2. This sounds so fun. I can't wait to check them out!

  3. I am amazed that you can wait! I would go crazy! Sounds like some very fun stuff!

  4. I am even more tempted to get one now, thank you very much! ;)


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