Friday, March 5, 2010

I'll be back Monday, if I'm not a human popsicle....

My husband and I are going camping this weekend with a group of friends from our old 'hood. I'm super excited as we haven't seen our friends in about a year, and we have a grand time on our mostly annual camping trips. But it's still freaking cold! And of course we can't find our heater for our tent, and the store we went to last night didn't have any more, seeing as it's March in Florida. So I'm still on the hunt for one, but I digress.
In honor of our trip I decided to scour Etsy for anything camping related. So just envision yourself in front of a crackling fire toasting marshmallows (and enjoying an adult beverage or two, or 20) and enjoy Etsy camping!

Click on each picture to view the shop :)

Cup of Joe Stud Post Earrings

7 Tents Fine Art Print- Limited Edition

Camping cards

Upcycled Army Surplus Duffel Bag Screen Printed with White Tree

Happy Camper T-shirt

Wish me luck in the whole not freezing department. It would be greatly appreciated ;)

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