Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soooo sorry.....

Ugh, guys, I'm a bad bad blogger. I've been neglecting this space all week, there has just been so much going on. Most importantly, I've been nursing my husband who had an abscessed tooth and had surgery on it Thursday. And he's still having some swelling which is worrisome, so that's where my attention has been the past few days. Throw in a wholesale order and some regular Etsy orders, cleaning this mess of a house, and a cold for the boy and you have, well, a headache. But we'll power through as always, at least we had some good rest and relaxation the week before! I hope to be back regularly this coming up week, but no promises. Keep your fingers crossed for the Mr., vibe him some get well soon vibes!!


  1. Oh my Amanda-you sure have a lot going on in your household.I sympathize with your poor husband-I have had abscessed teeth before and they are so painful. Sending good vibes your way ;) take care


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